Listen into a exciting discussion lined up for you as we delve into the critical topic of reshoring with two visionary leaders in the field. Joining us are Steele Divitto, CEO and Founder of The Steele Group, and Harry Moser, Founder of the Reshoring Initiative.

Harry Moser is the Founder of the Reshoring Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States. With a rich background in the manufacturing industry and a passion for bolstering the American economy, Harry has been instrumental in helping companies reassess the true cost of offshoring. His tireless efforts and the free tools provided by the Reshoring Initiative have shifted the collective mindset towards understanding that local production often reduces the total cost of ownership.

Steele Divitto is the CEO and Founder of The Steele Group, a global real estate consulting firm with a strong focus on reshoring R&D and manufacturing facilities. Steele’s expertise in real estate and his dedication to helping companies successfully transition their operations back to the United States have positioned him as a key figure in the reshoring movement. Under his leadership, The Steele Group is making significant strides in supporting companies through this crucial process.

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