“The Steele Group has become a trusted partner for us, helping to identify the perfect spaces for Veeva across the U.S. The Steele Group is focused on customer success and puts our best interests first, crafting deals that make sense for our goals and workplace strategy. They move with incredible speed, but still take the time to answer every question and explore all options until we have the best possible deal in place.”


Meredith Meyer

VP Global Workplace at Veeva Systems

Office & Workplace Solutions

Businesses today need flexibility built into everything they do and every position they take. Commercial office space is no different. We help office users meet their specific real estate needs, bringing in-depth understanding of how to use that space to attract, retain and empower their talent. With The Steele Group, you have industry expertise to skillfully negotiate leases as well the insight to plan forward for goals this quarter or five years down the road.

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Deep Tech & Manufacturing

Innovators setting out to solve the world’s most difficult problems require specialized labs, equipment, tools and infrastructure. They also require special solutions for space in order to create their transformative technologies as economically and efficiently as possible. The Steele Group understands the realities of businesses like these, and commits to resolving tough technology real estate challenges by understanding the nuances of your business, how your people need to be engaged and your vision for the future.

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Life Science & Healthcare

Our biotech clients bring us unique challenges that reflect the nature of their incredibly specialized work. There are technical requirements, as well as specific lab and testing needs, which we help them meet. But further, there are the human requirements that require new solutions to help enable spaces to activate these teams. Even with deep sector experience, we know that no two build outs are the same. So we take on each project with renewed curiosity, asking bigger questions, looking for better solutions to help clients who are committed to changing the world.

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Industrial & Logistics

It’s hard to imagine a sector that looks more different today than it did even a few decades ago. The Steele Group's process uniquely positions us to better understand the needs of industrial occupiers, assessing mechanical requirements in order to find, assess and optimize space. Our mission is to turn space into a more valuable asset in your production process, helping you extract more from each square foot. And beyond set up and move in, we remain close client partners to help you continually improve how you work in your new facility.

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