The Power of Workspace, Reimagined

Steele Divitto created The Steele Group to take advantage of an opportunity traditional commercial brokers often ignore – the power of workspace to launch clients’ unique vision and contribution to the world.

“The commercial real estate industry is antiquated and inefficient. Our purpose is to enhance our clients’ journey, transforming how they evaluate and leverage space. We remove top-down structures and process ambiguity, increasing transparency and accessibility through a consultative approach.”

Steele Divitto

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

We See Workspace as Rocket Fuel

On the surface, we are commercial real estate consultants. But our true activity is helping clients thrive, creating workspaces where people connect to each other and perform fulfilling work. We are proud to help them achieve their greatest ambitions.

Our Values Guide Us to Serve Clients at a Higher Level

Unlock Potential

We are a force that helps clients unite their people in a shared mission, achieve more today, and visualize all that is possible tomorrow. This is the power of space driven by a strategic process and administered by passionate real estate advisors.

Connect our Clients

As a true full-service commercial real estate advisory firm, we connect you to more of the solutions you need to build and operate a winning organization. Our sphere of influence spans industries and continents, and includes investors and consultants, technology partners and operations teams.

Prioritize People over Profits

We look at real estate differently. First off, we’re not just space finders, we are building a strategy for the future and ensuring your space is activated in the right way for your most valuable asset – the people who show up every day to help your business achieve more.

Be More than Brokers

We achieve more because we know it’s possible. By building a robust technology platform, we integrate workflows and consultants that streamline your effort and improve your team’s experience. And since 100% of our focus is on you, we’re a trusted advisor for all of your strategic real estate needs, and beyond.

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